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Fur-Ever Will Cookie Policy

Last updated: 2/10/2023

Our Cookie Policy

It's important to note that cookies are site specific. A cookie set by one website cannot generally be accessed by another website. (Read about Same-origin policy on Wikipedia).

This policy describes how Fur-Ever Will, LLC and other third parties use cookies.

General Browsing

Fur-Ever Will, LLC stores a cookie when you first visit the site in order to create a "session". A session is essentially a visit: you come to the Site, browse some pages, order a document or 10, and leave. That's a session. The "session cookie" is stored only for the duration of your session and allows the Site to store state information such as the fact that you've logged in successfully and the current entries you have made when adding a product.

Other cookies are stored for longer periods (over a year in some cases) and are used for customization of the Site.


We currently use Google's Industrial strength DoubleClick platform for ad serving, and this service may store cookies on your system in order to show you ads that are actually interesing and relevant instead of random and pointless. Cookies also allow the ad server to count the number of ads served and clicks clicked so that billing for our advertising clients is fair and transparent. See How DoubleClick uses cookies . You can control the cookies used by DoubleClick using Googles Ad Settings.

Finally, cookies allow the ad serving platform to understand which ads you've seen (so it can limit the number of times you see an ad), and which ads you've clicked on (so it can attempt to show you more of those types of ads). No personal information is sent to the ad serving system .


We use analytics services such as Google Analytics to understand how our services are being used, which in turn allows us to better tailor our Product and Service offerings to you. We do not share personally identifiable “raw” data with our clients or any third parties. We may, however, share aggregate, non-personal data such as total pageview or visitor counts.

What information is collected on Me via cookies?

Not a lot. The data we get from you is typically collected via a form submission. Remember that cookies are set by a website: they can only contain data that the website already has. Cookies can, however, allow data to be correlated: You visit our site one day, we set a cookie, and then you visit the site again the next day, and we read the cookies we stored in order for us to know that it's really you again.

But I don't like cookies. No cookies for me, please

Technology is here to help, but by blocking cookies you will be unable to log-in, you won't be able to customise any documents, or use the site at all really. So allow just the necessary cookies, so you can protect your pets!

You can change your cookie consent settings on this site by modifying your account settings under the Privacy tab. This allows you to block certain cookies not required for basic functionality. Unfortunately the only way to fully block cookies would be to (you guessed it!) store a cookie so the site knows not to store a cookie.

You other option is you can adjust the settings on your internet browser and choose from the available Cookies settings. For example, Chrome makes it super easy: Just go to Settings, click Advanced, choose Content Settings, select Cookies, and add a site to your Blocked list.

Contact Us

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