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Care Instructions

35.99 ON SALE 19.95
with code CAREALOT

Do you want us to print your Care Instructions?
Flat printing ships in a large flat envelope while folded printing ships in a standard first-class envelope.
Do you want to add editing? (Limited time discount)
Editing allows you to go back and update your Care Instructions for any updated or new information about your pet. You can either choose a 1-year or Unlimited plan.
Each Care Instruction Includes:
  • Downloadable digital documents
  • NEW: Complimentary 5-day editing
  • Permanently stored copies on our website
  • Email copies to caretakers, pet sitters, pet resorts.
  • Free downloadable or emailed copy of our Emergency Treatment Authorization form.
    • Fill in and send to your vet or emergency clinic.
    • Send a copy to your caretaker, daycare or pet boarder.
    • Keep track of who you have sent copies to through your account.
  • Customizable documents including:
    • Medications / Allergies
    • Vaccinations
    • Playtime / Exercise
    • Feeding & Treats
    • Behaviors
    • Sleeping Habits / Routines
    • Cleaning / Grooming
  • A portion of purchase is donated to an animal rescue or shelter each month.

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